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Trans-zeatin is a kind of purine plant cytokinin. It was originally found and isolated from young corn cobs. It is an endogenous plant growth regulator in plants. It not only promotes the growth of lateral buds, stimulates Cell differentiation (lateral advantage), promotes the germination of callus and seeds, but also prevents leaf senescence, reverses toxin damage to the buds and inhibits excessive root formation. High concentration of zeatin can also produce adventitious bud differentiation.

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CAS No. 1637-39-4 Molecular Weight 219.24
Molecular C10H13N5O Appearance White powder
Purity 98.0% min. Melting Point 207-208
Residue on Ignition 0.1% max. Loss on Drying 0.5% max.

Application / Usage / Function

Trans-zeatin also can be use for inducing parthenocarpy for some fruits. It can promote cell division for some microorganisms; promote the formation of buds in the cutting of leaves and in some moss; stimulate tuber formation in potatoes; stimulate the growth of certain types of seaweed. In some plants, excitation causes water loss through evaporation.

(1). Promote the germination of callus, generally used in conjunction with auxin.

(2). Promote fruit setting, use zeatin + GA3 + NAA to spray the whole plant in the full bloom period to increase the fruit setting rate of date.

(3). Spraying the leaves can delay the yellowing of leaves and promote growth. In addition, some crop seeds can be treated to promote germination, treatment at seedling stage also can promote growth.


1 G / 5 G / 10 G aluminum foil bag


Keep in cool, dry and ventilated place, sealed container.

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