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Sugar Alcohol-Ca

Ca: 185g/L, 200g/L, 250g/L

Organic acid: 100g/L

Compound sugar alcohol: 100g/L

Sugar Alcohol-Zn

Zn: 100g/L, 200g/L, 300g/L,

Sugar alcohol: 300g/L

Sugar Alcohol-B

B: 150g/L

Sugar alcohol: 300g/L

Sugar Alcohol-Si

Si: 100g/L

Sugar alcohol: 100g/L

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20L/Drum 200L/Drum


Ca: 185g/L, 200g/L, 250g/L

Organic acid: 100g/L

Compound sugar alcohol: 100g/L


Sugar alcohol chelated calcium is a calcium fertilizer that is widely circulated on the market. Its chelating properties can meet most fertilization scenarios, and the price is moderate, and the calcium content is high. It can effectively improve crop symptoms and benefit crop growth and development. It is the most mobile calcium fertilizer. Sugar alcohol chelated calcium moves long in the plant body, and is the only calcium that can be freely conducted in the phloem of the plant. It has a low molecular weight and is easily absorbed by the leaves, which can improve the plant’s resistance to stress.

1. It can be conducted up and down in plants. Sugar alcohol is a component of plant phloem, so it can freely carry nutrients for transportation in the phloem without consuming energy. This provides an additional absorption channel for calcium. It can be conducted up and down in the xylem and phloem, thus overcoming the disadvantage that calcium can only be transported in the xylem for long distances. It is also the only calcium fertilizer that can conduct up and down.

2. Fast moving speed. Sugar alcohol chelated calcium liquid is a stable existence form, especially high solubility in alkaline solutions. The phloem is in an alkaline environment. Most metal mineral nutrients have poor solubility and mobility in alkaline environments. Sugar alcohol chelated calcium has high solubility and fast movement in the phloem.

3. High fertilizer utilization rate. Sugar alcohol chelated calcium and other chelated calcium fertilizers have a small relative molecular weight and can smoothly penetrate the leaf cuticle into the inside of the leaves. They are easily degraded in the plant body to release nutrients, which are directly absorbed and used by the crops to quickly supplement the calcium required by the crop It is nutritious, and sugar alcohol is a natural wetting and adhesion agent, which has the functions of moisturizing and rain washing resistance, and can prevent the solution from becoming invalid due to rapid drying on the leaves. Extend the time for leaves to absorb nutrients.

4. Improve crop resistance. Sugar alcohol itself has nutritional functions and can improve crop resistance to stress. On the one hand, sugar alcohol is an important substance that participates in intracellular osmotic regulation. It is exposed to stresses such as salt damage, drought, and flooding. Sugar alcohols can adjust cell permeability to adapt plants to adversity growth. On the other hand, sugar alcohols can improve the resistance to reactive oxygen species and avoid plant reactive oxygen species damage caused by sunburn, drought, disease, hypoxia, etc. .

5. Green and safe, sugar alcohol is a natural extract in plant phloem juice, it is a natural chelating agent, does not contain hormones, is non-toxic, has no damage to plants and human body, and the high sugar alcohol content can also improve the sweetness of crops.


Sugar alcohol calcium fertilizer is suitable for various crops, especially for apples, grapes, peaches, pears, cherries, winter dates, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.

Diluted 800~1500 times, sugar alcohol calcium sprayed to the stems and leaves.

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