Seaweed Extract

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The Seaweed Extract from “Ascophyllum nodosum” by biological enzymolysis technology.

The special production process keeps its original nutrition ingredient, such as alginic acid, fucoidan, mannitol, lodide, amino acids, vitamin, minerals, auxin, and micro elements,etc.

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Seaweed Extract (1)




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Type 3

Water Solubility

99.0% -100.0%

99.0% -100.0%

99.0% -100.0%

Organic Matter

40.0% min.

40.0% min.

45.0% min.

Alginic Acid

16.0% min.

18.0% min.

25.0% min.




20.0% min.


5.0% max.

5.0% max.

5.0% max.






Black powder or flakes


It has its nature advantage of quick absorption by crops, highly active component, especially its inside plant growth regulator.  It not only stimulate the growth of crops, improve the quality of fruit, increase yied, and also contains antitoxins which helps plant to fend off bacteria and viruses, repel insects, etc. The seaweed extract suit for many crops, and for fertigation or foliar spray; Also it can be used as material for formulation of many kinds of organic and inorganic fertilize. The product is a natural extract, non-poisonous and harmless, no side effects.


Kraft bag: 20 or 25kg net with PE liner

Color box: 1 kg foil bag per color box, 10 color boxes to carton

Carton: 25 kg carton with PE liner

Customized packing is available


*  It can rapidly complement the nutrients, improve the quality of fruit, increase yied.

*  It contains antitoxins which helps plant to fend off bacteria and viruses, repel insects.

* Imporove blossom and fruit set, thicken, enlarge and balance the leaf growth, supply well-balanced crop nutrients, help plants to endure environmental stress.

* Regulate immunity. The natural seaweed active substances can induce the plant's own immune system, enhance the immunity of crops, and adjust the two-way balance to obtain the best yield.

* Resistance to stress and increase production. It is rich in betaine, mannitol, seaweed polysaccharides, etc., improves crop resistance to waterlogging, drought, and cold resistance, and prevents bacterial and fungal diseases.

* Improve quality. It contains a variety of natural plant endogenous hormones, trace elements, minerals, etc. that participate in plant metabolism, which promotes the accumulation of dry matter, increases the sugar content of the fruit, ensures uniform expansion of the fruit and extends the shelf life.

* Rhizosphere regulation. Provides a good ecological environment for the development of the root system. The crops grow roots quickly, have a large amount of roots, and have strong root vitality. It relieves the symptoms of root rotten and root poisoning caused by soil overacid, heavy metals, herbicides, etc.


1. Foliar spraying: a 1:1500-3000 times aqueous solution is evenly sprayed on the foliage, flowers and fruits of plants, spraying once every 15-20 days.

2. Root irrigation: mix 1:800-1500 times water solution and irrigate the roots of the crops according to the conventional amount. 400-1000 grams per mu, the specific usage can be adjusted appropriately according to the local soil fertility.

3. Seed soaking: mixed with 1:1000 times aqueous solution, soaking and sowing according to the routine.

Precautions For Use

1. It must be shaken well before use. It can be mixed with other pesticides to enhance the adhesion and penetration of the pesticides and improve the efficacy. It should not be mixed with strong alkaline pesticides.

2. It is advisable to spray at 8-10 in the morning or 3-5 in the afternoon after the dew is dry on a sunny day, and reapply in case of rain within 4 hours after application.

3. It is forbidden to use metal containers, store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct light.


Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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