Paclobutrazol (PP333)

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Paclobutrazol is a triazole plant growth regulator, which is suitable for rice, wheat, peanuts, fruit trees, tobacco, rapeseed, soybeans, flowers, lawns and other crops, with significant effects.

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CAS No. 76738-62-0 Molecular Weight 293.79
Molecular C15H20ClN3O Appearance White crystal powder
Loss on Drying 1.0% max. Melting Point 165-166 °C
Types 95.0% TC / 25.0% SC / 15.0% WP

Application / Usage / Function

Paclobutrazol can inhibit the synthesis of endogenous gibberellin, reduce the division and elongation of plant cells, retard plant growth and shorten the pitch. When used on rice, it can increase the activity of rice indole acetate oxidase and reduce the level of endogenous IAA in rice seedlings. Paclobutrazol can also weaken the top growth advantage of rice seedlings and promote the growth of lateral buds (tillers), make the leaves greenish and root system developed, reduce lodging and increase yield. Anatomical studies have shown that Paclobutrazol can make the cells in the roots, sheaths and leaves of rice seedlings smaller and increase the number of cell layers in organ. Analysis shows that Paclobutrazol can be absorbed by seeds, leaves and roots. Most of the Paclobutrazol absorbed by the leaves stays in the absorption part and is rarely transported out. The low concentration of Paclobutrazol improves the photosynthetic efficiency of the leaves of rice seedlings; the high concentration inhibits the photosynthetic efficiency, increases the respiration intensity of the root system, reduces the respiration intensity of the aerial parts, improves the resistance of the leaf stomata, and reduces the transpiration of the leaves.

Paclobutrazol has the effects of delaying plant growth, inhibiting stem elongation, shortening internodes, making plant stem internodes dwarf, reducing lodging, promoting plant tillering, promoting flower bud differentiation, increasing plant resistance to stress, and improving yield. This product is suitable for rice, wheat, peanuts, fruit trees, tobacco, rapeseed, soybeans, flowers, lawns, etc. as (plants), with significant effects.


1 KG aluminum bag, 25 KG net fiber drum or packed as your requirements.


Keep in cool, dry and ventilated place, sealed container.

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