Organic Liquid Fertilizer

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Seaweed Extract Liquid is extracted from kelp seaweed without any other ingredient added. With rich nutrients remained, seaweed extract liquid is an ideal kind of organic fertilizer ingredient. It can supply various of nutrients including NPK, seaweed active matters, trace element, nature PGR, etc. With these nutrients, the root condition will be highly improved and the quality of crops will be improved and yield will be in creased at least 20%.

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Alginate Acid 8.0% -10.0%
Nitrogen 10.0% -15.0%
K2O 3.0% min.
Seaweed Active Matter 20.0% min.
Trace Element 12.0% min.
Color Light green or dark green


1L * 12 bottles per carton

5L * 4 bottles per carton

Customized packing is available


* Obtain stronger root and seedling, improve the leaves become green and thick fast.

* Improve blossom and fruit set.

* Enhance the anti-stress and anti-diseases capability and prevent plant diseases and insect pests effectively.

* Obtain bigger and well-shaped fruits, increase the content of sugar and vitamins.

* Improve fruit quality and increase yield.

Mainly Manifested

Prevention of rice sheath blight, rice blast and other diseases, reducing moss breeding;

Prevention of Corn northern leaf blight and bald tip, improve lodging resistance,After harvesting, the corn stalks remain green and alive;

Prevention of wheat total erosion, gibberellic disease,powdery mildew and other disease occurrence.

which enhances the resistance of wheat to drought, dry heat, and lodging resistance;

Prevention of cotton verticillium wilt, resistance to continuous cropping and keeps flowers and keeps bells;

Prevention and dramatically decrease peanuts, dead seedlings, empty shells;

Prevention of potato late blight, scab,make the potato shape is biger and good.


Store in a cool, dry ,dark and dark place .

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