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Glyphosate is non-selective herbicide, which is high efficient, low toxicity, broad-spectrum, and sterilizable. In addition to a single, two-leaf weed, and perennial malignant weed, such as white grass and scented appendage. It is used to prevent orchard, forest and non-cultivated weeds and herbicides.

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Main content (g/L) ≥480
Appearance Golden transparent liquid
PH   Value 4.0-7.0


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 Methanal (g/kg)


Insoluble in 1mol/L sodium hydroxide (%)


Loss on drying (%)


Nitroglyphosate (ppm)

A lethal herbicide that, if improperly used, poses safety risks to crops
It is a non-selective post-bud herbicide with short residual life and is used to control perennial deep-rooted weeds

Is glyphosate harmful to humans?

“Risk estimates for glyphosate were well below the level of concern,” said EPA spokesman Dale Kemery. The EPA classifies glyphosate as a Group E chemical, which means there is strong evidence that it does not cause cancer in humans. ... The EPA has concluded that it is not dangerous to public health or the environment.


1. Glyphosate is a biocidal herbicide. Avoid contaminating crops when applying it to avoid phytotoxicity.

2. For perennial malignant weeds, such as Imperata cylindrica, cyperus rotundus, etc., apply the drug once a month after the first application to achieve the desired control effect.

4. The effect of medication is good in sunny days and high temperatures, and it should be sprayed if it rains within 4-6 hours after spraying.

5. Glyphosate is acidic, so plastic containers should be used as much as possible when storing and using.

6. The spray equipment should be cleaned repeatedly.

7. When the package is damaged, it may return to moisture and agglomerate under high humidity, and crystals may also precipitate when stored at low temperatures. The container should be fully shaken to dissolve the crystals to ensure the efficacy.

8. It is a systemic conduction type biocidal herbicide. When spraying, pay attention to prevent the mist from drifting to non-target plants and causing phytotoxicity.

9. Easy to complex with calcium, magnesium, aluminum plasma, clean soft water should be used when diluting pesticides, and muddy water or dirty water will reduce the efficacy.

10. Do not mowing, grazing or turning the ground within 3 days after application.

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