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Lemandou calcium nitrate is an ideal source of crop calcium and nitrate nitrogen. Nitrate nitrogen is the only source of nitrogen that has a synergistic effect on calcium and can promote calcium absorption. Therefore, calcium nitrate can help plant cell walls develop, thereby improving fruit quality and shelf life.

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Lemandou calcium nitrate is a very good fully water-soluble fertilizer. It has the characteristics of rapid calcium and nitrogen replenishment. It is rich in calcium ions, and continuous application will not deteriorate the physical properties of the soil, but can also improve the physical properties of the soil.

Lemandou calcium nitrate is widely applicable to all kinds of soils, especially if it is applied on calcium-deficient acidic soils, the effect will be better. It has many properties and advantages that other fertilizer products do not have. The application of agricultural calcium nitrate is beneficial to coordinate the absorption of nutrients by crops, enhance the stress resistance of fruits and vegetables, promote early maturity, and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables.





White Powder

Total N %


Calcium Oxide (as CaO) %


Water Insoluble %



Enhance plant resistance to stress and improve fruit flavor.

Completely water soluble, 100% plant nutrients.

Quickly replenish calcium and relieve the symptoms of calcium deficiency.

No chlorine, sodium or any other elements harmful to crops.

Suitable for nutrient solution preparation or blending preparation.

The volatilization loss is small, the fertilizer effect is fast, and it can be used as top dressing and base fertilizer..


25 KG, 50 KG, 1000 KG, 1250 KG bag and OEM color bag.

The MOQ of OEM color bag is 300 tons. Neutral packing with more flexible quantity required.

The product is transported by container ship to different harbours and can then be delivered directly to customers. Handling is therefore kept to a minimum, going from production plant to end-user in the most efficient way.


1. It is suitable for the peak period of crop nutrient absorption, such as the fruiting period and the middle and late growth period. It can effectively solve the soil with high phosphorus and poor calcium absorption. Application of this product can significantly improve crop quality and increase yield.

2. Widely used in flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns and other economic crops.

3. It can be applied to a variety of soils, especially acidic soils. It can promote the improvement of soil physical properties. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer.

4. The essential nutrient calcium and nitrogen sources for modern soilless cultivation techniques.


Store in a cool, ventilated and dry house, away from moisture, heat or kindling.

Avoid mixing with organic compound or Sulphur or reducer during storage and transportation in case of explosion. Protect the material from the sun and rain during transportation. Carefully load and unload in case of crash.

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