3-Indoleacetic Acid (IAA)

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3-Indoleacetic acid (IAA) is a kind of endogenous auxin ubiquitous in plants, belonging to indole compounds. It is an organic substance. Pure product is colorless leaf crystal or crystalline powder. Turns to rose color when exposed to light. It is easily soluble in absolute ethanol, ethyl acetate, dichloroethane, and soluble in ether and acetone. Insoluble in benzene, toluene, gasoline and chloroform. 3-Indoleacetic acid has a duality to plant growth, and different parts of the plant have different sensitivity to it.

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CAS No. 87-51-4 Molecular Weight 175.19
Molecular C10H9NO2 Appearance White crystal powder
Purity 99.0% min. Melting Point 166-168 ºC
Residue on Ignition 0.08% max. Loss on Drying 0.5% max.

Application / Usage / Function

3-Indoleacetic acid is a kind of plant auxin. Auxin has many physiological effects, which are related to its concentration. Low concentration can promote growth, and high concentration will inhibit growth even kill plants. This inhibitory effect is related to whether it can induce the formation of ethylene. The physiological effects of auxin are manifested on two levels. At the cellular level, auxin can stimulate the division of cambium cells; stimulate the elongation of branches and inhibit the growth of root cells; promote the differentiation of xylem and phloem cells, promote cuttings root, and regulate the morphology of callus. At the organ and whole plant level, auxin works from seedling to fruit ripening. Auxin controls the reversible red light inhibition of hypocotyl elongation in seedlings; when it transfers to the underside of the shoots, it produces branch geotropism; when it transfers to the backlight side of the shoots, it produces branch phototropism; 3-Indoleacetic acid causes apical advantage and delays leaf senescence. Auxin promotes flowering, induces parthenocarpic fruit development, and delays fruit maturity.


1 KG aluminum bag, 25 KG net fiber drum or packed as your requirements.


Keep in cool, dry and ventilated place, sealed container.

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